Friday, 1 September 2017

P.S. Stays Green All Over

In June we posted about our green mission at PS Hairdressing and how we are trying to get greener by reducing what we take in the first place. You can read the blog here

As single use items cause the greatest amount of waste this was our focus.

Sammi, Pippa, Ellie and Amy all focused on reusing carrier bags.

While Charelle, George and Chloe were determined to cut down on their use of plastic water bottles.

Beverley is super eco conscious when it comes to her shopping and recycling and had already made lots of little changes  to the weekly shop. These include switching orange juice brands to one sold in a recyclable container.

We have all greatly reduced the single use items we use and are much more aware of our choices at work and after work time.

Going green means paying attention to the details so it is easily incorporated into our approach in the salon. 

The most important element is a change in mindset which stays with you wherever you go.  Even if you have gone all the way to Vancouver...

And with Paula testing her eco ability over the waters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada it seems PS are making steps in a bigger greener global community.

Vancouver is making great steps to becoming the worlds greenest city by 2020, mirroring a lot of changes that Paula has seen once before right at home in Surrey.

'Instantly I felt great comfort in Vancouver with their mentality to create a greener city leading to a cleaner world. Firstly when choosing a salon, I had plenty of choices to be able to stick with PS's commercial recycling mentality, as Canada is one of few countries that has a community called 'Green Circle salons'. Then I got straight into commuting to work on my bike, using the cities safe green bike paths that connect throughout the whole city.  And when it's time for refuelling a backpacking budget has meant food and drink come at a new price. Creating my new water bottle by reusing the first one, and buying my veggies from the cheaper market stalls has definitely saved a lot of shop bought packaging and time spent navigating my way around walmart :)'

Paula has managed to get a great little garden going to provide her with herbs and leaves for lovely fresh salads.  And some gorgeous sunflowers have been blooming these past few weeks, brightening up the street for the neighbours.   It's particularly lovely as lots of us here in Frimley have seen our sunflowers come into flower too.

With all these little steps adding together to create greener salons, greener streets and greener cities hopefully we can all play our part in creating a greener world


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