Sunday, 19 June 2016

Creative Colour at PS Hairdressing with Davines

At PS, we have been using Davines colour and hair care for quite some time now.  With colours that condition the hair, last well and are produced with minimal impact on the environment, the decision to switch to Davines was simple. 

The different ranges of hair colour work in different ways and complement each other to create colours to the highest specification possible.  With different ranges we are able to offer a wide variety of colour services to our lovely clients.   

Most clients will be familiar with Mask colour, which we use for permanent and semi-permanent colouring in the salon.  As with all brands you cover the hair to the desired colour, but with Mask it allows the hair to flicker in a way that is natural to the person, allowing individuality for our clients.

Without getting too technical, the Mask base formula contains vegetable fats, milk proteins and a natural conditioning agent.  These combine to have a compacting, binding and hydrating action on the cuticle.  The pigments are also evenly distributed so colour fades slowly and in a uniform manner.

For those clients looking for ammonia free colour Davines has introduced A New Colour - enriched with carotenoids and melanin for a strong anti-oxidant action. Along with natural looking colours, ANC offers people the chance to go one step further with bright, iridescent colours that are quite frankly irresistible! Like a chameleon there is always room to explore and change with a variety of bright vibrant shades.

Of course, ANC is great for any clients struggling with colour allergies as it allows you to brighten up your hair in a natural way.

L’Art Decolor is a range stylists use then they want to add a creative touch to their work. The product is a toner that comes in a range of shades, which works when bleaching the hair. L’Art Decolor toners are really like an artist’s palette with a number of unique colours available, from Ultramarine Blue, to Burnt Umber and Cobalt Violet.

Finest Pigments is a selection of refreshing and toning colours that treat the hair and give extreme shine. They are simple and fast to use and immediately colour the hair, intensifying natural hair colour and emphasising cosmetic hair colour.

Outside the salon you can maintain your colour with Davines’ Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner. Again this range comes in a variety of colours designed to suit all shades and each one is perfect for retaining and refreshing colour.

Paula is so passionate about colour and using each tool to create a bespoke finish that she wanted to take over the blog and share her favourite techniques and styles with you all…

 The secret to good colour is good preparation.

“ Good preparation comes in the form of making sure you have explored all the options available.  You know your definitely getting what you want and we can make sure your hair is cared for in the best way possible.  A colour consultation ia always the best place to start.  Hair history is key as, unlike with a cut, the perfect colour consists of getting the right balance.

It is important when moving forward with something new to always take account of past colour.  It may be a little slower but you can enjoy the hair colour journey and have well treated hair in the process.  We always make sure strand testing and skin testing is done prior to the colour appointment, and notes are kept on your colour history.  This ensures that no matter which stylist looks after you at PS Hairdressing you will get a beautiful finish with the colours you love.

Throughout the colouring process I always enjoy watching the hair.  Trusting the colours we use is important but the nosey part of me always wants to watch and see what’s happening.  A cheeky look over the basin is a must, as even just washing off the colour can change a look instantly.  If there’s a way to add extra tone and shine I will find it. Creating rainbows at the sink can happen!

With colouring there is always a basic way to get those roots sorted.  Thanks to the small number of tools we use, the way we use them can vary dramatically, producing the most necessary colours to the most creative.  I love to find out how people like their colour to look, and how they wear their hair on a daily basis so I can tailor any sectioning pattern or size of foil to suit their need perfectly.”

Paula loves using colour to create new styles and anticipate new trends…

“So many ladies have been requesting the multi-toned brunettes that go from one extreme to another.  I have enjoyed perfecting these over the past few years and working on real natural blends.  But I think there’s nothing better than hair colour that hasn’t gone to the extreme to show a real cult fashion. 

While I love a strong roots look I adore it when the mid lengths and ends reflect more of a multi-toned brunette.  This still gives a strong contrast but looks so glamorous and subtle.

Now it is coming into summer I can’t wait to create some wicked rose gold colours.  After seeing Adele with her new look at the beginning of the year it didn’t take long to convince my pal Amy to take the plunge.  I love being able to showcase to people the different tones on offer as a blonde.  This is especially easy using Davines as I always trust the crème-ness of their colours. 

With these tones now trending it is the perfect opportunity for me to get busy advising other clients how to use these accents.  I think this tone may even convince me to have a change up!”

If all this talk of colour has got you thinking about a new colour we would love to hear it.  Discuss with your stylist at your next appointment or you can ring the salon on 01276 469766 to book your free colour consultation.

For inspiration scroll down to see some of our favourite colour creations that have happened in our salon recently;