Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Client Collaborations

At PS, we are a family run business and love the opportunity to support and collaborate with both creative individuals and small businesses within the Frimley and Surrey area.

We have worked with a variety of clients to help drive us into the new era of social media and most importantly the powerful World Wide Web. Believe it or not, when we first started back in 2008, a pencil and book still proved to be the foundation of all hairdressing receptions. Nowadays of course, we couldn’t survive without a computer (or so it would seem) and we know the importance of updating software regularly and keeping our clients updated with all these fast growing changes.

The first thing we did when jumping on the ‘technology bandwagon’ was create a website after realising how necessary having a ‘www.’ for a business is. Since then we have updated this website to something we are all very proud of (screenshot below) -  and for this we would like to thank Stephen at Peel Design Studio - the brains behind our constantly evolving website;

“We are very used to changing fashions of shape and hair colour in our profession, but the thought of making massive changes to all of our web content did fill me with dread. However as soon as I was introduced to Stephen I wondered what I was worrying about in the first place.

From our first meeting I knew we were going to get along fine. I talk a lot, and have a lot of different ideas, and Stephen was able to translate my ideas and conversation into a beautiful intro page. A few days after our meeting I received an email with a link to our new website – it was just what I had imagined.

After lots of emails and sending content through to Stephen, lots of photographs and then some changes, our new website was ready. To be able to have everything all on one page feels great and makes life easy for both us and our clients. We use lots of social media and so in addition to sharing our news with our clients; we are able to use the page as a gateway to these other medias (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) all of which are constantly updating.

I started the ‘journey’ of changing our site with a few nerves, but actually it’s been very easy. Whenever I do need to make a change I no longer worry about it as a quick email or phone call with Stephen and it’s all done. We would recommend Stephen to anyone!”
Pippa @ PS Hairdressing

As well as our website being up-to-date we ensure new content is always being added to all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is a great way to showcase what we are doing daily in the salon, as well as the special events we have been holding recently. One of our recent events, which proved very successful was our Mothers Day Shopping Night. This was a great way to invite our clients to browse (and purchase) a variety of unique gifts over a glass or two of wine, as well as promoting independent sellers whose products we love! We transformed our salon into a boutique shop with each chair-space home to a different seller. All the individuals who had stalls on the night are also lovely clients of ours, these included:

Sian Petter - Exotic Tramp
Exotic Tramp is the creation of Sian Petter.  Sian makes cocktail truffles and costume jewellery - a winning combination for us.

Sue at Indulgence Treatments
Sue uses her caring attitude and relaxation techniques whilst massaging her clients. Whether you want a neck and back massage or a hot stone treatment, Sue offers relaxing appointments.  Like her Facebook page for Inspirational quotes in between appointments.

Vikki - Fudgilicious
Vikki at Fudgilicious creates homemade fudge in unusual flavours.  We love her choc mallow fudge but the hint of chilli fudge is definitely the surprise hit. 

Xavia Barry
Xavia has been working really hard on creating Vegan friendly candles.  She uses soy wax and unusual moulds to create beautiful, scented candles. 

Sarah Jane at Pottery Gifthouse
Sarah Jane has been our neighbour on Frimley High Street for a number of years now.  If you need presents, cards, flowers, jewellery or decorative items the Pottery Gift House is the perfect place.  Sarah Jane is able to offer a bespoke service for wedding signage, decorations and hats and fascinators.  Her stock comes from a group of local designers and makers.   

Following the success of our Mother’s Day Shopping Night, Sarah from the Pottery Gift House (which is located 3 doors up from PS), confirmed she is happy to house the gifts on offer in her shop in the future. So if you’re interested in seeing more from these sellers then head down to The Pottery Gift House on Frimley High Street.

As we have already mentioned in this blog post (and countless times before), PS is a family-run business and we wouldn’t be anywhere without support from our family. As a creative family we all help each other to grow both professionally and artistically and we give special thanks and recognition to Katharine Shaw, a freelance makeup artist who is always on hand to add extra beauty to our lovely models, as well as Luke Shaw, a freelance photographer who is there to capture these looks during PS photoshoots. You can find out more about both Katharine and Luke below:

Katharine Shaw - @MissKPShaw twitter & Instagram:

Luke Shaw -
@lukeshawphoto twitter