Thursday, 20 April 2017

Mask Vibrachrom First Anniversary

We all love Davines hair colour at PS Hairdressing and have been delighted by how beautifully Davines colours work.  To read our last blog on Davines colour click here
Davines relaunched their flagship colour- with Mask becoming Mask Vibrachrom- one year ago so it's the perfect time to share everything we have learnt so far...  

 Without getting too technical, Mask Vibrachrom contains phospholipid (vegetable fats), quinoa protein extract and conditioning agent omega B9. This promises high conditioning effect, outstanding colour durability and extra shine. The pigments are also evenly distributed so colour fades slowly and in a uniform manner. 

The training...
 We were lucky enough to spend a whole day with Jeff from Davines.

He visited the salon on 21st November.
The day started with a presentation of the technical aspects of Mask Vibrachrom. 
Jeff had some great advice on ways to re-pigment hair when a client wants to go several shades darker.   

 And then the new colour chart was revealed.  We were finally getting the chance to see how these new colours would work together.

With Ellie and Charelle joining us for the training they were more than happy to be our models.

We knew the Mask Vibrachrom reds were better than ever.  With that in mind Ellie was keen to try them out.  After an indecisive few months had left Ellie with an unintentional ombre we decided to build up from what we already had.  With a blend of dark and bright reds we love the final look.  The shine was incredible and the reds retained their sparkle for weeks.

Charelle is a blonde through and through and she was nervous about straying from this gorgeous tone. 
 Picking up on the silver colours that are so on trend we persuaded Charelle to be a tiny bit adventurous and have shimmery grey tones slicing through her blonde. 
 We were pleased with the final colour- Charelle wished she had been a bit braver as she absolutely loved the final tones.

We learnt so much about the new colours and had a great time playing with them.  It was also a fantastic opportunity to spend the day talking to another hairdresser from the Davines family about the joys of salon life.  And it was the perfect chance for us to spend time together as a team when the salon was closed. 

The first few months...

 We have spent the Winter and Spring experimenting and perfecting new ways of using the colours to gain a beautiful finish every time.

Whether you want a total colour change...
...a beautiful blonde balyage...

...or anything in between we've got the colours for you.

 If you are thinking about getting your hair coloured you can book a free consultation. 
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