Wednesday, 22 April 2015

KeraStraight's KS Ultimate and KS Boost

We have relaunched our amazing 'Brazilian Blowdry' treatment by KeraStraight. The new KS Ultimate is fast and simple to apply and will give you smoother, easier-to-manage hair for up to four months.

KeraStraight is an innovative process that smooths your hair without damaging it. The brand uses the natural protein 'keratin' and can be used on all hair types including colour treated hair. The range of treatments and styling products offered will radically transform your hair, leaving it feeling repaired, revitalised, looking gorgeous and most importantly; easy to manage. 

At PS we offer both the KeraStraight Ultimate service, as well as the the KeraStraight Boost (a quick fix introductory treatment to the technique). The keratin protein used in all KeraStraight products reduces frizz and the time YOU need to spend blowdrying your hair. We tested both services out on two of our clients and had some wonderful feedback...

KS Ultimate - price from £170
This service combines speed, ease and simplicity with KeraStraight's combination of award winning proteins and straightening application. With KS Ultimate you can expect smoother, healthier and easier to manage hair for up to four months. Because this new treatment is easier and quicker to apply, you can expect to spend less time in the chair and also less money. The KS Ultimate service costs £170 at PS Hairdressing (or £200 for very thick hair) and includes a free KeraStraight shampoo and conditioner to use at home. 
This treatment is the updated version of the original KS Complex treatment we offer in the salon. KS Complex is priced at £200-£225.

Here's what Heather, PS's model for the KS Ultimate, had to say after receiving the treatment...

"I was thrilled to be asked to be a model to receive the KeraStraight treatment at PS Hairdressing. My hair has always needed a lot of straightening to get rid of the frizz. Now after washing I can get away without straightening; although a quick go with the straighteners just gives it that smooth look as well."

KS Boost - price £25
Enjoy an introduction to KeraStraight with KS Boost. This 30 minute treatment repairs and re-hydrates hair from the inside out, rebuilding whatever the hair lacks. This quick-fix treatment transforms weak, dry and damaged hair into healthier, stronger and smoother hair, and lasts up to 30 days. This service costs £25 and is a perfect way to sample KeraStraight before indulging into the full treatment we offer. It's also a great way to add a longer life to your KS Ultimate treatment if applied three months in. 
We recommend a salon blowdry with this treatment, or you could book in at the same time as your cut, blowdry and finish. (Please see our menu for pricing of this). 

We tested this treatment out on our client Karenne, who seemed very pleased with the result...

"My hair is coarse and curly by nature but just over a week ago I had a KeraStraight Boost treatment at PS Hairdresssing. Wow - it has left my hair soft and easy to manage and still has plenty of body. Even after quite few washes it's still soft and manageable with the added bonus that it takes less time to do. A big thank you to the girls at PS who provided me with an excellent service and great advice!"

Below are Karenne's before and after photos...

If you would like to book in for a KeraStraight treatment then give us a call on 01276 469766. Or feel free to pop into our salon and chat to one of our friendly stylists who will be happy to provide more information on the process and offer advice on how KeraStraight will work for you. 

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