Thursday, 18 January 2018

P.S... we are recruiting

A New Year has begun and we are so excited about everything 2018 has in store.

We are currently looking for a hairdresser to join us here in Frimley, Surrey.

P.S. Hairdressing is a family run eco salon offering classic and contemporary styling for all.

We are looking for a positive, enthusiastic hairdresser to join our team.

Working with an amazing brand Davines, the fastest growing haircare product in London right now
and we know why. Brilliant training, environmental ethos and beautiful products.

Skills needed- Cutting, colouring (balyage, foil highlights, tinting), hair-up, Gents hair.

All round salon skills will be required in addition to hairdressing... reception duties, computer bookings, preparation and salon care.

NVQ level 2 qualification a must, NVQ level 3 is good but not necessary. Minimum 2 years experience.

Salary- Good set basic salary with great, achievable commission targets..

Responsibilities and Duties
Hairdressing duties.
Reception work.
Salon care.
Training in new techniques.

Qualifications and Skills
NVQ-2. qualification
Salon experience
Good level of cutting and colouring skills and knowledge

Company pension scheme.
Team incentives

To apply please email your cv to
or drop in to the salon at 62 Frimley High Street, Frimley, Surrey GU16 7JF

You can find out more about us by visiting us online at;

our website




Friday, 1 December 2017

P.S...Introducing our New Treatment Menu

Our consideration for your hair doesn’t end when you walk out the door; we spend a lot of time researching the best products and techniques to create conditioning treatments that care for your hair.

We know that there are many reasons for using treatments to make your hair and scalp better.  Reasons might include wanting hair that is stronger, healthier, shinier or with greater colour longevity.
We’re delighted to say that we have created a new treatment menu.
Following the success of our Minu post colour treatment launch in the Autumn Pippa has created a range of treatments that take just 5 minutes and don’t have to be booked in advance.

We have christened these Baby treatments.

If you want to book your treatment in advance choose from a Classic or Butterfly treatment.

The Classic treatments take just 15 minutes and gives your hair the opportunity to bask in your chosen mask.

To give yourself the ultimate relaxation we recommend booking a Butterfly treatment.  During this 30 minute service your hair will luxuriate in your chosen mask while you enjoy our signature butterfly massage.

 Davines Authentic treatment

The most intriguing new treatment on our menu is the Authentic treatment.
The Davines Authentic Formula products are suitable for hair, face and body.  Most of the team had only ever used the Authentic formula as a skin care product so we are so excited to use it as a haircare product.

Authentic nourishing treatments stand out from the others because the process begin with Authentic butter being applied to dry hair.  This approach seems unconventional but it leaves the hair moisturised and soft.  These products are oil based so particularly suit hair that is dehydrated from chemical treatment or curly hair with unwanted frizz.

Choose from the Baby, Classic or Butterfly Authentic treatment.

Davines Oi treatment

Oi Oil, also known as liquid gold, is our favourite haircare product.  The active ingredient is roucou oil, incredibly rich in beta-carotene which is perfect for restructuring and hair growth.

The Baby Oi treatment combines Oi Oil, Oi Conditioner and a five minute scalp massage. 

 The Oi range also includes the in salon Absolute Hydration. This intense hair oil is used during the Classic or Butterfly treatment at PS Hairdressing.

Davines Essential treatment

The Essential line Minu contains quinoa protein and caper blossom. Minu has been formulated to prolong colour and enhance shine. We recommend using Minu for coloured hair.

Whether you want the Baby Minu post colour treatment, the Classic Minu hair mask or the Butterfly Minu hair mask treatment, we would love to give your colour the extra care it deserves to look incredible.

The Essential line Nounou is perfect for hair dehydrated from perming, straightening and colouring.

Choose from the Baby Nourishing Oil treatment or Classic or Butterfly Nounou mask treatment.

Love Curl
Davines have recently expanded the line of Love Curl haircare to include more products tailored to the needs of curly and wavy hair.  The noto almond used in this range gives your curls the greater nourishment required.

We would recommend the Baby Love Curl Cleanse as the perfect introduction to Love Curl Cleansing cream.

Or if you want to book for a longer, more deep reaching treatment book our Classic or Butterfly Love Curl featuring the Love Curl mask and massage.

Davines Naturaltech

Many of you will be familiar with the Davines Naturaltech range which offers specially formulated shampoos, conditioners and treatments that address specific hair and scalp problems.
The Baby Naturaltech treatment is perfect for weak hair that is prone to falling out.  This treatment can be added to any service without pre-booking.
Alternatively, we would recommend our Classic Naturaltech treatment for hair that is dry and brittle, with dandruff scalp.
The Butterfly Naturaltech treatment is for dry and damaged hair with a normal scalp and utilises the Nourishing Hair Building Pak.

The real beauty of the Naturaltech range is that the products have been designed to work together.  So, if you are presenting more than one concern, we can create a bespoke treatment for you.  Please speak to your stylist at your next appointment about any concerns you have about you scalp or hair and she will be happy to help you decide what we can do to bring your hair into harmony. 

If you want to find out more about any of these treatments your stylist is always happy to recommend the right one for you. 

Many of these treatments can be recreated at home and we can advise on the best way to do this too. 
You will love the way treatments combined with scalp massage make you feel happy and relaxed.  And now you can choose the level of hair benefits and relaxation you need with our new Baby, Classic, Butterfly and Bespoke treatments at PS Hairdressing.

Friday, 1 September 2017

P.S. Stays Green All Over

In June we posted about our green mission at PS Hairdressing and how we are trying to get greener by reducing what we take in the first place. You can read the blog here

As single use items cause the greatest amount of waste this was our focus.

Sammi, Pippa, Ellie and Amy all focused on reusing carrier bags.

While Charelle, George and Chloe were determined to cut down on their use of plastic water bottles.

Beverley is super eco conscious when it comes to her shopping and recycling and had already made lots of little changes  to the weekly shop. These include switching orange juice brands to one sold in a recyclable container.

We have all greatly reduced the single use items we use and are much more aware of our choices at work and after work time.

Going green means paying attention to the details so it is easily incorporated into our approach in the salon. 

The most important element is a change in mindset which stays with you wherever you go.  Even if you have gone all the way to Vancouver...

And with Paula testing her eco ability over the waters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada it seems PS are making steps in a bigger greener global community.

Vancouver is making great steps to becoming the worlds greenest city by 2020, mirroring a lot of changes that Paula has seen once before right at home in Surrey.

'Instantly I felt great comfort in Vancouver with their mentality to create a greener city leading to a cleaner world. Firstly when choosing a salon, I had plenty of choices to be able to stick with PS's commercial recycling mentality, as Canada is one of few countries that has a community called 'Green Circle salons'. Then I got straight into commuting to work on my bike, using the cities safe green bike paths that connect throughout the whole city.  And when it's time for refuelling a backpacking budget has meant food and drink come at a new price. Creating my new water bottle by reusing the first one, and buying my veggies from the cheaper market stalls has definitely saved a lot of shop bought packaging and time spent navigating my way around walmart :)'

Paula has managed to get a great little garden going to provide her with herbs and leaves for lovely fresh salads.  And some gorgeous sunflowers have been blooming these past few weeks, brightening up the street for the neighbours.   It's particularly lovely as lots of us here in Frimley have seen our sunflowers come into flower too.

With all these little steps adding together to create greener salons, greener streets and greener cities hopefully we can all play our part in creating a greener world


Thursday, 29 June 2017

PS Hairdressing guide to Summer haircare

For us at PS Hairdressing, the way your hair looks and feels the whole time is important... it's not just when you walk out of our door. Here we have compiled some great tips to keep your hair feeling beautiful all summer long.

Keep it healthy

This is the boring bit we know but the surest way to keep your hair healthy is to start off with it healthy.  Make sure you are having regular trims so your hair doesn’t become too dried out in the first place.

We are always happy to advise you on the best hair care products to use. 

For coloured hair especially you will need to make sure you use the right balance of moisture and protein, to keep your hair strong and soft. 

And if you redeem your loyalty card we will give you shampoo and conditioner from the Davines Essential range for free.

Keep it simple

Try to avoid washing your hair too much during sunny weather. 

To keep a longer period between washes we recommend using a homemade dry shampoo.  Simply squirt a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil into a suitable container.  We’ve discovered that a new salt cellar is perfect for this.  Add some cornflour and shake well.  Sprinkle some into your roots, massage in, leave for a couple of minutes then brush through to avoid any powder build ups.

Avoid the use of heat- we know hairdryers and straighteners give a lovely finish but experimenting with loose plaits, buns and ponytails is perfect for keeping hair looking stylish. 
And it reduces stress on the hair.

Keep it covered

It seems obvious to keep our skin covered up in the summer time but is the same true for hair? 

A hat or scarf will keep your hair and scalp covered.  If you favour keeping your hair on display make sure you use a protecting hair milk, such as SU hair milk which protects from UV.

We would also advise using a leave in conditioner, again SU hair milk would be perfect, before swimming to give your hair extra protection from the chlorine.  A swimming hat would be a great addition too but unless your holiday look is Olympic Chic you may decide against this one! Using a shampoo designed for use after swimming will also help reduce the damaging effects of the chlorine.  Davines SU hair and body wash is ideal as an after-swim shampoo.

Keep it conditioned

To combat the drying effects of sun, sea and swimming treat your hair to a conditioning treatment once a week.

Coconut oil or Avocado mixed with a little olive oil can both be used for a homemade conditioning mask.

Another option would be adding Oi Oil to your regular conditioner and leaving it on for 30 minutes.  Or even overnight with a shower cap on!

Alternatively, use Davines SU hair mask or Davines Nounou hair mask.

Keep it stylish

The weather can present lots of gorgeous opportunities for time spent outside but it can also present problems for your hair style. 

If you are going for the blow dried look we would recommend an anti-humidity spray.  Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer is perfect.  It can be used in place of a mousse but has the added benefit of protecting your style from the moisture in the air.  For more tips on blowdrying go to our blog here

If you have decided that avoiding heated styling is the best plan embrace the undone look with Davines More Inside Sea Salt Spray. As you’ve probably guessed it emulates the delightful effects of fresh form the ocean hair without a day at the beach. 

It can also be used to add volume to a blowdry.  And can even be used as a dry shampoo- Sea Salt Spray really earns its place in your suitcase!

Enjoy the summer!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

P.S... Goes Green All Over

We strive to be an eco-salon.  For us this means thinking GREEN at all opportunities.
Whether it is suppliers, waste and recycling, or saving water and electricity.

Our supplier of all hairdressing products is Davines.  They have recently been granted Bcorp status, meaning they are working hard to be a socially responsible company.  Their production methods and materials are chosen to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible.

We are able to recycle most of our waste with our waste company.  We have found ways to recycle more unusual items, giving our biscuit wrappers to a charity that can recycle them, passing non-recyclable packing materials on to a delivery company on the High Street.

But our wheelie bin is still almost full every fortnight. 
So, if there are things that can’t be recycled, the next step surely is asking- do I really need to get this in the first place?

A worrying statistic when it comes to waste is that half of plastic waste comes from items that are designed to be used only once.
The four biggest contributors?
Drinking Straws,
Carrier Bags
Bottled Water
Takeaway coffee cups.

As a challenge in June we have decided to each make a small change in our behaviour and see if we can stick to it.

We will post again soon to let you know how we got on.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Mask Vibrachrom First Anniversary

We all love Davines hair colour at PS Hairdressing and have been delighted by how beautifully Davines colours work.  To read our last blog on Davines colour click here
Davines relaunched their flagship colour- with Mask becoming Mask Vibrachrom- one year ago so it's the perfect time to share everything we have learnt so far...  

 Without getting too technical, Mask Vibrachrom contains phospholipid (vegetable fats), quinoa protein extract and conditioning agent omega B9. This promises high conditioning effect, outstanding colour durability and extra shine. The pigments are also evenly distributed so colour fades slowly and in a uniform manner. 

The training...
 We were lucky enough to spend a whole day with Jeff from Davines.

He visited the salon on 21st November.
The day started with a presentation of the technical aspects of Mask Vibrachrom. 
Jeff had some great advice on ways to re-pigment hair when a client wants to go several shades darker.   

 And then the new colour chart was revealed.  We were finally getting the chance to see how these new colours would work together.

With Ellie and Charelle joining us for the training they were more than happy to be our models.

We knew the Mask Vibrachrom reds were better than ever.  With that in mind Ellie was keen to try them out.  After an indecisive few months had left Ellie with an unintentional ombre we decided to build up from what we already had.  With a blend of dark and bright reds we love the final look.  The shine was incredible and the reds retained their sparkle for weeks.

Charelle is a blonde through and through and she was nervous about straying from this gorgeous tone. 
 Picking up on the silver colours that are so on trend we persuaded Charelle to be a tiny bit adventurous and have shimmery grey tones slicing through her blonde. 
 We were pleased with the final colour- Charelle wished she had been a bit braver as she absolutely loved the final tones.

We learnt so much about the new colours and had a great time playing with them.  It was also a fantastic opportunity to spend the day talking to another hairdresser from the Davines family about the joys of salon life.  And it was the perfect chance for us to spend time together as a team when the salon was closed. 

The first few months...

 We have spent the Winter and Spring experimenting and perfecting new ways of using the colours to gain a beautiful finish every time.

Whether you want a total colour change...
...a beautiful blonde balyage...

...or anything in between we've got the colours for you.

 If you are thinking about getting your hair coloured you can book a free consultation. 
Call us on 01276 469766 to book.


Sunday, 18 December 2016

Living Window

We decided to base our latest blog post on one of our favourite and most creative features in our salon – our living window displays.

We started the Living Window back in the spring of 2013 at a time where the sun was starting to shine on our salon window, revealing its many fingerprint marks and rain drops. Spending more time cleaning the window area allowed us to discover what a perfect suntrap, or rather in our mind, perfect greenhouse it is. 

With limited allotment space these days, we thought this could be the perfect area for those all-important seeds to create some fabulous sunflowers. This then followed on a year later with our successful gift idea to give a sunflower to any of our wonderful clients purchasing our new range of sustainable beauty products from Davines.

This idea continued to grow (excuse the pun) into the next spring which saw Paula harvest her first batch of veg in the salon.

We updated our Living Window this year by displaying our beautiful natural plants alongside our lovely Davines ‘Product of the Month’ showcasing all the wonderful natural products found in Davines’ products.

One of the best outcomes from our Living Window is how it’s got the salon talking! Whilst Pip’s tips helped Paula’s ever inspiring garden collection, it was our lovely clients who made the real difference, offering advice all year round which has helped us keep growing a lovely colourful window. 

Within the PS team we always manage a chance to talk plants, whether it’s joking about our maternal side coming out; with Paula naming some of the plants as her babies, or sometimes a few sad moments when some just need to be composted. And without too many problems on who’s watering what, it has become a great focus on showing our lovely team work.

We asked everyone in our PS team to share their favourites from over the time…

Paula “Mine has to be the spring herb garden -inspired by Jo Malone’s window of fragrances seen in Kensington this year. I just loved the layers of pots you can plant with each one very unique in smell and appearance whilst still always complementing each other”.

Becki “I really enjoyed making origami stars with Ellie at Christmas so in February I asked my nephew to help me make origami hearts for our Love display.”

Ellie “Our Great British seaside holiday in August 2015 had such cute details.  The gorgeous grasses brought the coast to Frimley!”

And Pippa explained why the Kitchen window was her favourite display;
“The idea for the kitchen themed window came about to celebrate our seventh birthday, because it was all about cake!
Cake is the first thing people usually think about when planning a birthday party... and because it starts in the kitchen- so did our window display. We also discussed ideas of 'the perfect recipe for a great hair do' and the same for a great salon team.

It was great fun planning the display and making the furniture we needed, including the gingham curtain. Collecting our 50s vintage utensils from our own kitchens was also a nice way of demonstrating teamwork... Adding hair tools finished off the look. Our sister Katharine was instrumental in dressing the window and even created some black and white 'tiles' to frame it.

I think the best thing of all about our October '15 window was how much it engaged passers by. We get a lot of interest from our window displays, some people look forward to what we will think up next and others think we have lost the plot! Whatever the reaction, we love the fact it gets people talking.”

Our Living Window has become very season-based which we have kept in running with the health and wellbeing inside the salon. PS’ third creative sister Katharine has helped us to incorporate furniture and ornaments and a certain sense of style to the window to complement the plants on display.
This year so far we have managed to create themes including an awesome winter bulb incubation, a spring herb garden (which changes monthly) as well as a summer holiday wish list.

Alongside learning these plant techniques our PS team have tried their hands at origami (as mentioned by Becki above) and homemade wooden planters, encouraged by our love of upcycling.

So who says our creative talents and interests have to stop at hairstyling? As a team we find it so much fun to try new things and showcase them within our shop. And it’s even better when our lovely clients join in as they have done this year with donations of aloes and trees.

A sense of community has definitely been brought into the salon through our window, which has become our best way to communicate our identity. So come down to Frimley High Street and have a look for yourselves!