Sunday, 1 December 2013

Arbonne Christmas Shopping Night + Product Launch

At PS we are always thinking of ways we can branch out further when it comes to “being green”. Already we are working on minimising our impact on the earth with biodegradable towels and eco-friendly LED lights, while last month we took this one step further with the introduction of Arbonne products in our salon.

Arbonne is a premium brand with a Swiss heritage that prides itself on promising “pure, safe and beneficial products”. The brand uses pure ingredients and matches this with eco-friendly packaging, to ensure what is good on the inside is also good on the outside. Inspired by nature and enhanced by science, Arbonne creates botanically based products, which naturally enhances your beauty and wellbeing.

A couple of weeks ago PS held a Christmas shopping night with an Arbonne representative to launch the products and introduce them to our clients. All types of Arbonne products were on offer on the night, including hair care, cosmetics and skincare.

There are a few different types of hair care ranges, all of which PS Hairdressing now stock. These include their ‘Pure Vibrance Range’ which works on hydrating the hair to prevent breakage, while incorporating anti-fading properties to lock in colour. This range is specifically designed for chemically and colour-treated hair. The other main range is ‘FC5” which uses daily formulas to nourish the hair and cleanse and condition it for hydrated and radiant locks.

For more information about these hair care ranges and further products from Arbonne, speak to Philippa or Paula, our salon’s independent consultants working with the brand. 

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